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President & Founder

Matt Atwood acts as Principal of the Manager and President and Member of the Board of Directors of LoneStar Life Sciences. Prior to starting LoneStar Life Sciences, Inc. in 2015, Matt founded Allergypro/Allergyfree in 2011. Matt started his career with  two Fortune 100 companies, McKesson/PSS and Henry Schein. After twenty years in distribution, he switched over to medical manufacturing (Abaxis, Abbott Diagnostics, Sysmex) to learn more about concept design, product development, manufacturing and branding/marketing. With over thirty years of manufacturing and distribution experience in the medical field, Matt expanded his knowledge into company organization, sales and management training, corporate consulting and executive leadership. Over time, Matt has developed the unique ability to easily identify problems in a market, recognize them as opportunities, develop innovative solutions to these problems, then launch these new products or services into the market. These skills, combined with a complete understanding of medical standards and compliance, gave him a strategic advantage as a consultant in the early years of the medical cannabis industry in Colorado. Matt is also a keynote speaker for natural phytobiotic (plant based) solutions for medicine, cannabis related sciences and how it competes with “big pharma”. He is also becoming a lightning rod for clean sustainable power and humane sustainable food for the future. Matt graduated from California State University Fullerton with a B.S in Biology.



Scott Christiansen acts the General Counsel for the OZ Fund and LoneStar Life Sciences, Inc. and Principal of the Manager. Beginning in 2014 through the present, Scott was the principle of several small law firms focused on startup companies and investment advisors where he acted as an outsourced general counsel. He is also an equity holder in approximately 20 startup companies across a variety of industries and provides legal and business guidance to their founders. Prior to 2014 he was a Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Lehman Brothers’ and Neuberger Berman’s Private Equity Groups where he led a legal team for a business that raised and invested approximately $6 billion of capital globally and acted as lead counsel for the business in connection with the management buyout from the Lehman Brothers’ Bankruptcy Estate. Prior to joining Lehman Brothers, he was a senior associate with Winstead Sechrest & Minick P.C. where his practice focused on public and private securities offerings, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate compliance. Mr. Christiansen holds a J.D., cum laude, from Pepperdine University School of Law and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Montana State University.




Lewis Humer acts as Principal of the Manager and CEO and Member of the Board of Directors of LoneStar Life Sciences. Lewis has served as a CEO, COO, VP of Sales, and VP of Marketing for a number of public and private companies.  He has been an executive consultant and advisor to companies, organizations, entrepreneurs, for more than 25 years. He has been a keynote speaker, business seminar leader, and workshop presenter throughout North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. Lewis has been a strategic advisor to more than one hundred companies since 1999. Previous to 1999, Lewis served as a C-Level executive and senior manager in a number of manufacturing companies and facilities. He is APICS certified and a recognized expert in planning, forecasting, production inventory management, as well as distribution and logistics. Lewis attended York College of PA and completed courses at other institutions, including Penn State University.

LoneStar Advisory Board

Timothy David Kendrick


President and Chief Designer of BW GLOBAL

Timothy is the President and Chief Designer of BW GLOBAL, the largest Food System / Greenhouse design and manufacturing company in Western Canada.  Under his leadership, BW GLOBAL is regarded as one of the most innovative Food Systems companies in the world. As BW GLOBAL’s President, Timothy set the strategy for BW GLOBAL to help solve some of the toughest issues around Food – Energy – Water and Waste. As BW GLOBAL’s Chief Designer, he was responsible for the design and development of world-class AgriTech, including the BW FREEFLOW Greenhouse, one of the most impressive growing environments on the planet. Standing at three and a half stories, the BW FREEFLOW Greenhouse is designed to withstand seismic events and has withstood multiple Category 1 Hurricanes without any damage.  In this environment, BW GLOBAL was able to grow papayas (both fruiting and flowering) in the middle of winter in Canada with zero supplemental lighting, a feat that was deemed impossible by many industry experts. As Chairman of the BETTER WORLD Innovations Group (of which BW GLOBAL is a part), Timothy was responsible for establishing the BETTER WORLD Innovation Center™, a new development platform designed to rapidly commercialize Clean and Agriculture / Food System Technologies at scale.  The BETTER WORLD Innovations Group is currently working on more than 20 different Clean and Agriculture / Food Systems Technologies. Timothy also had the privilege of working at Enrst & Young in the US in their Sales and Communications Innovation think- tank before joining Ernst & Young Canada and then Cap Gemini Ernst & Young as a Director of Business Development.  This professional environment gave Timothy the opportunity to work with small entrepreneurial companies as well as large, world-class corporations, which honed his appreciation for strategy, execution, risk-management and corporate governance. A diverse academic background has given Timothy a uniquely creative approach to problem solving, structuring strategic alliances.  The multidisciplinary approach of his liberal arts degree along with the discipline and rigor of a Law degree from the University of Cambridge, UK affords an unconventional approach to many business and design problems. “We are very excited to support LoneStar in the development of their innovative, multi-dimensional projects,” says Timothy. “We love working with experienced, creative teams that break with traditional thinking in favor of practical, executable solutions.  We believe that Matt and the LoneStar team are in a unique position to open new markets with their forward-thinking initiatives.”
LoneStar OZ Fund Team


CEO of ReVenture

Julian Bolster is a serial entrepreneur, business consultant and personal coach to extremely successful business owners from all over the world. His experience working with growth organizations through the ever-so-important scaling phase into a larger company gives him a unique perspective to deploy his talents with great achievement. These projects have ranged from multinational Space programs, tech startups, state level future roadmaps, renewable energy companies to innovative firms tackling the worst health threats on the planet, including Covid-19. The fire that fuels Julian stems from a total life-altering experience in his early life when he was hit by a drunk driver and awoke in a hospital bed with a broken neck and a head injury that resulted in retrograde amnesia. Months later, he turned his fate around by forging a profound perspective that not only altered his life, but touched everyone around him and set him on a path towards working on problems whose solutions would change the world. Julian’s international contacts brings innovative technologies from all around the world under the LoneStar OZ Fund through the LoneStar Innovation Center – the incubator/accelerator for developing and commercializing tomorrow’s earth saving technologies today. Julian believes everyone deserves to realize their vision, and is magnetically attracted to building partnerships with others like-minded companies such as LoneStar Life Sciences.
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