LoneStar OZ Fund Summary

The LoneStar Life Sciences Opportunity Zone was created to support innovative companies creating intelligent yet practical solutions to address several environmental threats to life on earth.

Never before has such an opportunity been available to do so much good at such a perfect time with that time to act being now. LoneStar’s strategic Life Sciences plan is laser focused to hit multiple target markets with one game-changing fund.

Our new Life Sciences Innovation Center and Incubator/Accelerator in Central Texas will be the shining light for developing new technologies that provide solutions – not more problems.

We can no longer sit around waiting for someone else to create the solutions the world so desperately needs. It’s time to get the job done together. There is no other choice because there is no “Planet-B.”

The LoneStar OZ Fund Projects will go in the order as follows:

PHASE 1 – LoneStar AgriTech Hops 

  • $100M Budget
  • Purchase 150-200 agricultural acres in Opportunity Zone south of Austin (targeting Lockhart and San Marcos areas)
  • Establish water rights and infrastructure as annex inside Cherryville MUD (municipal utilities district)
  • Engineering specifications and planning for one million square foot greenhouse with BW-Global and Cultivatd
  • Acquisition and buildout of greenhouse, hydroponics, fertigation, LED lights, processing facility, extraction laboratory

PHASE 2 – LoneStar AgriTech Expansion – Sustainability Initiative

  • $150M Budget
  • LoneStar Life Sciences Innovation Center
  • Vertical food production for year round high volume sustainability
  • Aquaculture for sustainable and humane fish protein production + Aquaponics for vertical food
  • Algae production for nutraceutical supplements, fish feed, and commercial biofuels
  • Water lentil production for high vegetable protein product