LoneStar Innovation Center

Bioscience Incubator & Accelerator


The LoneStar Innovation Center in the Opportunity Zone will be the corporate hub for established or start-up bioscience companies participating in the accelerator-incubator. Fields of interest would include, but not be limited to, the following Technologies  

  • Sustainable food production: Vertical farming, year round farming, 
  • Specialty crop controlled environment cultivation: greenhouse hops & cannabis  
  • HydroTech: Hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics, deep water culture systems, environmental water projects, AquaChar, recycling systems, fertigation systems.
  • LED lighting technologies conserving energy and increasing yields year round.
  • Renewable power technologies: Electromagnetic, solar, wind, hydro, and biodigester technologies creating tomorrow’s clean fuel.

Bioscience Incubator: Earlier-stage companies, or solo first-time founders, are better off with the guidance of an incubator program. Our business development team will nurture high potential entrepreneurial concepts and push them into reality with much needed guidance, mentorship and funding.

Bioscience Accelerator: If you’re a proven bioscience startup in need of a cash injection to fuel growth, our accelerator program is the best option. Our executive team will help start-ups expand their potential into a larger opportunity with partnership agreements under the Opportunity Zone umbrella of companies. 

Bioscience Educator: What good is developing cutting edge cultivation technology if you can’t share and teach it with the rest of the world? With our potential partners CultivatD, we will create an educational certification platform on indoor growing technologies and techniques for controlled environment. With this certification program, it is our goal to work with local Universities in the area to provide students with an internship program to find tomorrow’s modern indoor farmers.

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