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LoneStar’s JV Partnership with Octaform for creating and developing sustainable and humane aquaculture will prove to be a new standard for terrestrial fish production with multiple high protein species.

The Earth’s ecosystem starts with phytoplankton (like algae). The circle of life from algae to filter feeders (bait fish like anchovies or sardines) feed larger fish, that eventually make it to our dinner tables. Typical fish farming uses feed with soy and corn. Since when do fish eat soy and corn in the ocean? This fattens normal aquaculture stocks to become more fatty and less nutritious.

The North America Aquaculture Market Projected to be Worth $9.68 Billion by 2027, World wide aquaculture Market Size Worth $202.96 Billion By 2020. The is a paradigm shift in the world regarding sustainability. This came amid growing international concern regarding the overfishing of important fish stocks, damage to ecosystems, economic losses, issues affecting fish trade, the impact to climate change – all of which threaten the long-term sustainability of fisheries and, in turn, the contribution of fisheries to food security.

As of 2012, Americans now eat more fish than beef. Since the early 1990s, there has been +572% rise in global aquaculture production. This project is carbon credit worthy.

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